Rchievement of the day #3: Bloggin’ from R

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I have become a complete knitr addict of late and have been using it in combination with RStudio’s R markdown support on a regular basis. In fact I wrote this post using it! It then dawned on me how great it would be if I could upload the post directly from R/RStudio. It turned out that wasn’t too hard at all. Here’s how.

How to update your WordPress.com blog from R

Installing the RWordPress package

First I need to install (if I haven’t already done so) and load the “RWordPress” package from www.omegahat.org. The “RWordPress” package uses XML-RPC to connect to the WordPress blogging engine.


Connecting to WordPress.com

Next I set my username, password and website url as R global options.

That was not my real password by the way!

The “RWordpress” package provides a bunch of functions (see ?RWordPress) based on methods from the WordPress

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